The company Christoforos Koretsis SA has been active in the field of graphic arts since 1967. The company has its headquarters at 24 Lidorikiou Street in Agios Dimitrios where it has its offices and central warehouses with a huge stock. The long-term presence in the area ensures quality and trust to our customers. The countries we operate in are Greece, Albania, Romania, Bulgaria, Skopje, Turkey, and Cyprus. Indicative of some of the items we sell are: Inks, aluminum, chemicals, displays but also small machines, CTP, folding, densitometer varnishes, etc. Well known names like ATECE, FELIX BOETTCHER, BRANCHER, BRIGAL C+T MATRIX, COLORGRAF, COATES SUN CHEMICAL, DRUCKCHEMIE, DUBUIT, ECS, FEDRIGO, GSB, HI-TECH, IMEX ,KRUSE, MAN MAT , MARKS3ZET, PERFECT DOT, RADIOR, SAKATA, TOYO , ZELLER+GMELIN, OVD KINEGRAM, KOMORI are some of the companies we collaborate.